Who are we?

We are a company focused on selling virtual goods and providing services.

Who can register as an agent?

Every member aged 12 or above is eligible to register as an agent.

What are the benefits of a registered agent?

Exclusive Right

  • We will create a group specifically for you, with at least 2 agents and 1 administrator assisting you.
  • Late completion of orders will be reimbursed. If we do not complete your order within the time promised by you to complete your order, we will compensate you with 2% of the total amount of your order. The compensation amount is capped at RM100.00 and will be credited to your wallet within 12 hours. The order promise completion time can be viewed through the product description.
  • Authorize you to use our systems. We have a complete agency system, which clearly records the amount, goods, time, commission, etc. involved in each transaction, and cannot be changed at will.
  • Eliminate all fees and waiting times. We will not charge any fees for the withdrawal of commissions, and we will transfer the withdrawal request submitted to your account within 24 hours. Enjoy a quick refund that reduces refund review time from 24 hours to 12 hours.
  • Create a payout method. You can choose your buyer to pay directly to our account, no longer afraid that your account will be restricted, we will bear the risk for you.
  • Create your own e-commerce website, connect with our website in the background, and experience 24-hour passive income.

Right Of Reference

  • The agent and non-agent prices are different, you don’t need to add the price yourself, the selling price is the same as ours, and you can earn the difference.

Publicity Rights

  • Any agent who has passed the audit and assessment, we will certify you on the official website. Being a certified agent facilitates sales and increases the buyer’s credibility with you.

YXworkshop Malaysia reserves the right to change this at any time.

Who will see the information submitted by your Registered Agent?

Only administrators will see your data and encrypt it. The data is only used for identity verification.

Access to data by third parties

If you use YXworkshop Malaysia’s identity as an agent to conduct fraudulent or improper transactions, we have the right to hand over your information to a third party, i.e. law enforcement officer, etc.

What are the requirements for a registered agent?

A deposit of RM10.00 is required, which can be withdrawn after 1 year of joining the affiliate.